Behavior Consultation

Consults are available via email communication, phone call or in-person meetings at the shelter (that may or may not require bringing your pet).

Consults may start with email or phone call, and then transition to in-person if necessary. Our behavior manager will work with you to determine the best course of action. 

Appointment based only.

One of our main goals at Harbor Humane is to help keep pets in homes. One of the ways we can do this is by working with pet owners who may be facing difficulty with their dogs; issues that can be addressed and even worked with in order to keep families together. Just a few issues that can be covered include reactivity, fear-related behaviors, aggression, barking, mouthing/nipping, food guarding, separation anxiety. In a private session via email, phone or in-person, you can discuss your pet and obstacles with our Behavior Manager, who will help you interpret canine body language, stress signals and more, and develop a proper plan using training, behavior modifications, enrichment and more.

If your dog was adopted from Harbor, you receive two free consultations. Please email our Behavior Manager at for behavior aid.

Consultation via email: $25

Consultation via phone: $35

Consultation in person (at the shelter): $45

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Sarah Rapisarda has worked in her current position as Behavior Manager at HHS since January 2017. She has bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has achieved her CPDT-KA through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. CPDT-KA certification recognizes the knowledge and experience of professional dog trainers. Additionally, she has been a certified Canine Good Citizen Instructor since 2018. She is an IAABC Affiliate Member of the Shelter Division and has attended many conferences on animal behavior as well as taken continuing education credits to further her general and applied knowledge of animal behavior and behavioral modification. Following the Humane Hierarchy and LIMA guidelines, her training techniques work to solidify the bond between pet and pet parent by forming a communication built on trust and understanding.