Junior Volunteer Club 

Every month, members of the Jr. Volunteer Club will have two or three opportunities to come and volunteer at Harbor Humane Society. At each session, Jr. Volunteers will work with dogs, cats and small animals as available. We will also occasionally do other projects such as making signs for adoptable animals, making treat bags or sometimes even helping with laundry!

Students that have participated in our Jr. Volunteer Summer Camp are able to attend sessions FOR FREE! Please reach out to programs@harborhumane.org to sign up!

For those that have NOT attended our summer camps, that is A-Okay! You are able to register kiddos ages 11-15 to attend for $10/session.

Please remember, you must register for each volunteer session so we know how many kids to expect. Parents must also fill out a waiver prior to the first day. To register, click the button below or contact Ashton at programs@harborhumane.org.

2023/2024 Program Dates: 

November: 11/2, 11/18

December: 12/4, 12/9

January: 1/15, 1/20, 1/25

February: 2/5, 2/10, 2/22

March: 3/7, 3/18, 3/23

April: 4/8, 4/13, 4/25

May: 5/9, 5/20, 5/25