Surrendering Your Pet

Harbor Humane works closely with pet owners to help keep animals in loving homes. We offer a variety of owner support services that members of our community can access, please review on our resources page to see if any can assist you before making the final decision to surrender your animal.

Before surrendering to a shelter, please consider the following resources which have helped many people and their pets:

– Check with relatives or friends who may be willing and able to provide your pet with a loving home.

– If your pet is a purebred, an online search can help find local breed specific rescue groups.

– Finding a pet friendly apartment may take a little more effort, but today there are many more rental options for people with pets. Try visiting one of many websites tailored to the needs of pet owners, such as, or Such websites save you time and effort by allowing you to search for apartments in various communities, in your target price range, that can accommodate your companion animal.

– Rehoming Your Pet Before surrendering a pet to a shelter, we recommend first trying to find a suitable home for your pet by spreading the word among friends, relatives and co-workers. Give yourself a few weeks to place the animal in a good home, and never give away your pet to someone without screening the person carefully and asking for references. Please do not give your pet away “Free to a Good Home” as there are unscrupulous individuals who could harm your pet or sell the animal for research to make money. Asking a reasonable fee may help deter such people. and the Petco Foundation have created a website ( to make the process of rehoming your pet easier. The Rehome program will find a loving forever home for your pet.


Harbor Humane is able to assist owners who need to surrender their pets through an appointment-based system. To support the care of your pet and thousands of others each year, there is a $50 fee due at time of appointment. You MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT, otherwise you will face an emergency surrender fee of $200 and it is NOT guaranteed that we will have room for your animal if you show up without an appointment.

Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply from our team.

Please use the following links to begin the surrender process for your cat or dog: