Do you struggle with pests on your property? Harbor Humane Society offers working cats to businesses or homes in need of pest control. These cats come free of charge to qualifying adopters. Qualifying working cats are typically brought to HHS as stray cats, but are not social enough for indoor placement. These cats are used to life outside and would prefer to be roaming barns and fields over living indoors. All eligible working cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped, and microchipped before placement.

Ideal placement for working cats include farms, nurseries, riding stables, and warehouses. Essentially, any place that should be free of rodents! All that is required of you is a safe place for them to live (barn, garage, or warehouse), and regular meals. In return you receive pesticide-free pest control!

If you are ready for a working cat (or two!) of your own, please complete the application below!

We will provide resources and guidance if not!

Success for The Flanery House!

“McGuire is doing great at The Flanery House and is loving his new life, he is a true barn cat, loves snacking on mice in the garage, he has gotten himself a mole in the yard and plenty of cow birds as well. He is a hard one to catch when WE want him (unless we have food or treats in hand, then he is all about us for sure lol ) but he is all about the cuddles and scratches when HE wants them lol he is a goofy boy for sure. Alot of our extended family has fallen in love with him as well (some are not even cat people and they have) they always ask how he is or want to go see him when they come for a visit, he is that awesome. We have also kept his name McGuire, our boys just loved the name and thought it was so cool so he has offically became McGuire Sebastian Flanery. We have attached a couple photos, he is not a big fan of pictures (as you can see lol) and it was definitely not a perfect picture as two of our boys had their pool playing interrupted and were covered in fresh cut grass and his first selfie, well it says it all, “so not thrilled about this selfie business mom!” lol. All in all, he is the perfect addition to our family and we just love him to pieces ”