Canine Foster Program

About our foster program:

Fostering is most important for our dogs that have been living in the shelter for more than 30 days. The stress on them mentally and physically can be decreased greatly by spending a single night outside of the shelter environment. Of course, you’re more than welcome to foster for as long as you like! We have foster experiences that range from a single night or long-term until adoption and everything in between!

We provide everything that you need to have a successful foster experience, so all you need to give is the love of a foster parent. Harbor offers a variety of canine classes that fosters are welcome to attend with their foster dogs.

Harbor frequently helps out other organizations by taking in transfers. The more dogs we can get into foster, the more we can save! We especially like to have puppies fostered when initially transferred in to ensure that they are healthy and to keep them from becoming ill in the shelter environment. Puppy foster experiences generally last a week or two, depending on the health of the puppies.

If you are interested, please fill out the survey below or email with any questions.

If you are unable to foster please consider donating to our foster program!

Many of our foster animal needs are donated daily. Our outstanding community regularly supplies bags of food, treats, crates. However, monetary donations allow us to purchase special-need items like prescription food, equipment, and medications. Every donation goes straight to serving the needs of the animals in our care.

A 28lb bag of prescription C/D dog food costs $80

A Freedom No-Pull harness costs $18

A 6ft leash costs $12

A large martingale collar costs $8

These items are some of our common needs for our foster program. All foster dogs are sent out with a martingale collar for safety, a No-Pull harness for training, and a leash for containment. That is basic equipment. Some of our dogs need additional training time, special medical care, or special equipment.

Jon was one of our dogs that needed special equipment. He was diagnosed with separation anxiety and would injure himself when left alone. With our community’s help, we were able to purchase a crate and begin crate training Jon so that he was safe when left home alone!