Class Presentations

Whether you’re looking for a one-time presentation or want to set up a multi-lesson program, Harbor Humane Society is here to work with you! Specially designed by the team at HHS, our Humane Education programs meet many Common Core and State Standards.

Each presentation includes up to 40 participants (or 2 classrooms) within Ottawa County. (Just outside our area? Contact our program manager to work out details.) Depending on program length, we can also include a shelter animal! Please contact our Program Manager, Ashton, at for more information or to schedule a presentation!

Virtual Presentations

Harbor Humane Society is now offering virtual presentations in place on in-person visits! These presentations can cover a wide range of topics and include visits from a few of our shelter pets. Want to just take a tour around Harbor? Great! We can arrange that as well! Whatever your needs or wants are, please contact Ashton at to organize a fun virtual visit for your class or small group!

Example Presentations

These presentations can be presented to any age group and can be tailored to fit your needs.

Long Term Program Outline: Compassion in the Classroom

Presentation 1: Self-Control

Presentation 2: Pet Responsibility and Respect

Presentation 3: Kindness and Empathy

Presentation 4: Honesty

Presentation 5: Citizenship

Presentation 6: Tolerance

One Time Presentation Topics

Overheating, Dog Bite Prevention, What is a Humane Society?, Responsible Pet Care, etc.