THANK YOU TO OUR 2021 SPONSORS, DONORS, AND ATTENDEES FOR MAKING ALES THE MOST IMPACTFUL YEAR YET! To 500+ guests that bid, drank, danced to support our shelter – you helped us raise over $85,000 to help carry out our work!

The Ales

  • Drink partners for 2022 TBD!

The Tails

  • All funds raised through the event are supporting Harbor Humane’s mission to give animals a second chance at life and love! Attendee tickets, drinks purchased, auction items bid on – all funds are advancing our shelter’s work and staying local in west Michigan.

The Entertainment

  • BRENA will be performing live again at the event thanks to our generous supporters, The DeFoe Family and Truss Technologies!


We’d love to have your support through an event sponsorship! Please email to learn about getting involved and the impact of your gift.

Want to help make our auction a success? Donate an auction item! We’re encouraging community members to purchase baskets, gift cards, tours, and more from our local businesses that have been hurting, then donating your package to help make our auction a success again!


The impact of Ales for Tails.

Our community of supporters, adopters, and donors make it possible to keep animals moving from our shelter and into forever homes quickly – allowing us to assist organizations who are struggling. Most recently, in collaboration with the Bissell Pet Foundation, we were called to help with a “sanctuary” in rural Louisiana that was housing animals in dire need of saving.

“My team and I helped vaccinate, heartworm test, and health assess all the dogs we could while we were there. It was the most humbling, most heartbreaking, most mentally draining day, but I would do it time and time again if it means these animals get to live the life they’ve always deserved…these dogs were living in hell on earth.” – Erin G.

Donor dollars always stay local to our shelter in West Michigan, but their reach carries far when we are able to help those less fortunate. All animals deserve a second chance, regardless of zip code.

Harbor Humane Society’s fosters have saved 545 felines this year alone. Without monetary donations, there is no way this could have been achieved. Many kittens go to foster before they are old enough to eat on their own, which requires a variety of supplies. We often send cats in to foster that have various illnesses, which can require expensive medications to treat. In extreme cases, felines are sent in to foster after having lifesaving surgeries – like this enucleation (removal of eye) for example! Without the support for medical care and supplies, our foster program would cease to exist, greatly impacting the number of lives we save each year. Thanks to donors, happy endings are possible for even the littlest furbabes!

Donor dollars help support long-term stays for animals at Harbor. Though we want an animal’s shelter stay to be as short as possible, we know that’s not always the reality for some harder to place animals. Animals like Jersey. Jersey’s stay with us lasted over 9 months. With daily care costs per animal averaging $30 a day between staff time, medical care, food, etc. , 9 months of daily care costs for one animal really adds up! But 9 months is how long it took for the right person to come along and meet Jersey; with donor dollars, we’re able to make that wait happen. Check out the truest second chance at life and love that Jersey now has with her adopter, Diane!